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List of Attractions Kuansing


List of Attractions KuansingSpur line is a canoe trail >> length (Long Boat Race) M 25-40, begin the process of making this point of deliberation and consensus community to find wood to the forest. Timber shall meet the requirements of either of the wood, the length of wood, old wood, and even judged of manliness wood itself is located around the forest. After logging carried out, semi-finished wood is formed and subsequently transported kedesa and continued after the village and when he got ready to dilayur (smoked).

Drying Island Tourism Rokan Hilir

Pulau Jemur Wisata Rokan Hilir

Drying of the island is part of the many attractions Rokan Hilir (Rohil). Drying the area of ​​the island is a cluster of islands consisting of several islands, the island tekong Gold, Simbang tekong island, Pulau Labuan room as well as other small islands. The islands contained in this circular island Drying so that its center is a calm sea. In the northwest monsoon arrives, waves in the Strait of Malacca is very large so usually fishermen who were fishing the waters around this island refuge Drying in the center of the island contained Drying calm sea water.

After the storm waves to shrink or decrease then the fishermen went out to start the activity of catching fish again. Drying of the island and overlooks the beautiful natural scenery, but it is very rich Drying island with the sea, in addition to the turtles is up to the beach and lay eggs, the turtle lay her eggs on the bottom layer of sand-sand beach, this endangered species can spawn 100 to 150 grains of each tail.

Riau tourism faces

Riau is not the primary purpose of national tourism. Riau still far less well known than the neighboring provinces, West Sumatra (West Sumatra). But that does not mean tourism in Riau just let it alone. If developed, a tourism while Riau would align with other regions in Indonesia.
So far, Indonesia and the world community recognizes only very few attractions in the country. In addition to the island of Java and Bali and, typically there's not much that stands out like tourism in West Sumatra, North Sumatra and East Nusa Tenggara. In fact, if developed, almost all regions in Indonesia have the potential of leading tourism respectively.
If it is serious, tourism could become one of the economic artery. Look at Bali which has proven to build the region, relying on its natural beauty and unique local cultural diversity.

Riau tourism, ASITA MICE Offer

Pariwisata Riau, ASITA Tawarkan MICE

Some time ago Mr. As the middle of writing about MICE City Pekanbaru, Riau Tourism admit I did not have a strategic concept for achieving the target visits each year. Ibn Masud, Chairman of the Association of The Indonesia Tours & Travel Agencies (Asita) once said Riau Riau Tourism development will thrive in the year 2010, but with a maximum effort such as the application of the concept of Meeting, Incentive, Convention and Exhibition (MICE) were considered as The main support to improve tourism industry Riau Province.

Tourism in Riau

Eleven Riau Main Attraction set in coordination meetings (coordination meetings) Field of Culture and Tourism which was held of Culture and Tourism (Disbudpar) in Riau Province Aryaduta Hotel Pekanbaru, Tuesday (24/3). Riau provincial government will be serious in the development of eleven Featured Attractions Riau.

Eleven attraction will be institutionalized by each regent / mayor in Riau through discussion in parliament respectively. To eleven leading tourist attraction is the Niagara Thunder Gemurai Kuansing, Artificial Lake-Rumbai Limbungan in Pekanbaru, Barelang Temple in Kampar, Hot Water Kaiti in Rokan Hulu, Drying in Rokan Hilir Island, the Palace wing and Equator monument in Pelalawan, Bukit thirty in Inderagiri Hulu, Solop in Inderagiri Lower Coast, Eco Tourism Mempura in Siak, and North Rupat in Bengkalis.