Rabu, 30 Mei 2012

Attractions: Sako Coa Bunker (Tourism Central Bengkulu)

Travel bjek Coa Bunker Sako is a heritage shaped a bunker or an underground shelter that was built in the Japanese colonial era in Bengkulu, building bunkers totaling 3 room office unrelated to one another.
Heritage objects which are privately owned berkepemilikan status on behalf of this ajisul penanjung kab located in Taba. Middle Bengkulu Bengkulu Indonesia.

Location of Bunker is located far from urban areas, precisely located in the hills and in the street that connects between the Bengkulu - Bengkulu and District Central Kepahiang.
In terms of our government, this heritage still goes into the middle of Bengkulu environment. This site can you take both vehicles and motor cars because the site is located on the main street.

Routes you can take after landing at the airfield Fatmawati Bengkulu Bengkulu is headed to Central City Curup direction. Approximately 1.5 hours journey by road exactly 50 meters before the mountain parks Twists nine, on the left you will find a way adan this site.

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