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Diplomat Suprianda H. Ruru North Sulawesi Tourism Handle

Taman Nasional Pulau Bunaken - Tempat Wisata di Manado Yang Indah (Foto: Ist)

North Sulawesi has the potential of culture and tourism in the many areas in Indonesia. Therefore, this province is one of the favorite tourist destinations for foreign tourists as well as a place to hold MICE in Indonesia. To enhance the promotion of tourism in North Sulawesu this, a diplomat named Suprianda Hamonangan Ruru was sworn in as Head of Culture and Tourism of North Sulawesi province on Wednesday (16/5). Suprianda H. Harvey Ruru Sendoh replace a new job as Secretary of the occupied city of Manado
When inducted Suprianda H. Ruru stressed that the revitalization of tourism which is one of the North Sulawesi provincial government's strategic program will be realized through the joint efforts of all stake holders.

"We can all work together to create vision and mission and goals of North Sulawesi province," he said as reported Enjay Diana of
With a pretty good diplomatic experience while serving in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Representative of the Republic of Indonesia, Suprianda H. Ruru is believed to further develop culture and tourism potential of North Sulawesi, including at the international level. Moreover, since 2008, he served as an experienced Responsible Economic Functions that also deal with tourism in the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia to the Russian Federation and concurrently the Republic of Belarus (Embassy in Moscow).
At that time he actively promotes the potential of culture and tourism of Indonesia, including the North Sulawesi in Russia and Belarus. Various activities have been organized by the Embassy in Moscow to the provinces, known as clove and intimate products called "Earth Nyiur waved" it.
As rumored Enjay Jaringnews.com Diana from Moscow in collaboration with the provincial government, NSTB (North Sulawesi Tourism Promotion Board) and various tourist industry of North Sulawesi, the embassy will participate in the International Exhibition of Marine Tourism "Golden Dolphin" in Moscow (2011, 2012) and the holding tourism forum "The Beauty of North Sulawesi and Beyond" are strung together with Culinary Week and Performance Culture in Moscow (2010). In addition, the embassy will send activism travel writer and tour operator activities Famtrip to Russia to North Sulawesi (2009, 2010, 2011).
Bekal experience is believed to develop the tourism potential of North Sulawesi. As is known, the Copenhagen-born diplomat 49 years ago was much engaged at the international level as in the Embassy in Budapest (2001-2005) and the Embassy in Moscow (1995-1998). In addition, he had also commissioned in Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Croatian, Macedonian and Bosnia Herzegovina.

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