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Meiam Honisuit Manna

Cannon "Honisuit" England is a relic of the occupation in the City of South Bengkulu Manna is only one type of cannons and the only one of the largest in Indonesia, the barrel length of 3.4 m, length. Kitchen gunpowder 2.5 m. 90cm diameter.

Manna was the first cannon was found around villages Rear napkin, Bengkulu Selatan.Sekarang huge cannon was placed in front of the monument roundabout Regent South Bengkulu Bengkulu province.

In 1942 the Japanese army cannon Honisuit brought to the City of Pagar Alam Manna through the village placed in the Rear of South Bengkulu Regency House For Pertahana Coast Japanese forces.

On the date 10 January 2008, the Meriam Honisuit agreement Antiquities Department and the local government of Jambi Province of South Bengkulu moved by "KODIM 0408/BS" to Padang Panjang Road Roundabout Manna Selataan Bengkulu.

Characteristics cannon Honisuit:
A. Name Cannons: Cannons Honisuit
2. Made In England
3. Relics: The Age of Japan
4. Caliber: 19:01 Cm
5. Overall weight: 2.2 tons
6. Number barrel: BLO-IN-VIROmusium bungkarno Bengkulu

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