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Riau tourism faces

Riau is not the primary purpose of national tourism. Riau still far less well known than the neighboring provinces, West Sumatra (West Sumatra). But that does not mean tourism in Riau just let it alone. If developed, a tourism while Riau would align with other regions in Indonesia.
So far, Indonesia and the world community recognizes only very few attractions in the country. In addition to the island of Java and Bali and, typically there's not much that stands out like tourism in West Sumatra, North Sumatra and East Nusa Tenggara. In fact, if developed, almost all regions in Indonesia have the potential of leading tourism respectively.
If it is serious, tourism could become one of the economic artery. Look at Bali which has proven to build the region, relying on its natural beauty and unique local cultural diversity.
Just how local governments, package it into something interesting. Especially in an effort to improve the regional economy, employment and improved welfare.
Riau is not much tourist attractions and events that could attract the attention of domestic and foreign tourists. In addition to the Fuel Barge Line Bagansiapiapi and Runway at Taluk Kuantan, had nothing more to attract attention.
Head of Culture and Tourism (Disbudpar) Joni Riau Irwan on various occasions is often asserted, that the supporting infrastructure becomes a major issue. The lack of budget to build the infrastructure that impact on a lack of interest of the community to come to existing attractions.
Just look at the tourist area of ​​Lake Made in Pekanbaru, Barelang Temple in Kampar, the Palace of the Siak Siak Sriindrapura or Rupat island that is still undeveloped. The ends of budgetary constraints in the area to be the main reason.
"Our main problem is the problem with access to existing attractions. We can not afford a lot of funds budgeted for construction of road transport activities, as well as our budget is limited, "said Joni.
If you expect the central role, the same money. Joni also see if the problem also remains the same, the budget also does not have excess capacity. Well, he said, handing it to the private sector is much more reasonable.
Joni also agreed with the plan of the local government has a policy of regional flagship attractions. Thus according to the local government can focus on developing its tourism sector and regional development policy in the tourism sector will be more obvious.
He said the Riau provincial government sought to the existing events will be maintained and upgraded to a fixed calendar as regional and national tourism. Example of activities in the Gaza Runway Taluk Kuantan and Fuel Barge in Bagansiapiapi.
"We do have to make such a policy. Not only to the cultural event that is already entrenched, but also create a new culture can be one tour event, which will be a permanent agenda every year, "said Joni.
Do not stop there, Riau province in line with central government policies will shape the national tourist village. Riau provincial government has proposed two villages in Riau into a national tourist village. One village in Kampar Chinese reed that prioritizes cultural wisdom, and has a boat racing events held yearly.
"It's been our proposed some time ago. Because the government is manargetkan 2010 there were 100 rural tourism in Indonesia, including in Riau, "he explained.
Meanwhile, events related to tourism development in Riau, Riau Syamsun according to PR Disbudpar riaubisnis.com, currently there are only two tourist event in Riau who entered the national tourism calendar.
The second event is the point at Runway Taluk Kuantan and Fuel Barge in Bagansiapiapi. "Both of these events has become a national tourist event," he said.
Riau own opinion, so far still rely on the event as a leading tourist. Riau provincial government has also proposed some event again, so that will be included in the national tourism calendar.
"Runway Fuel Barge Line and we still rely on a national event. There are still a few more that we ask, but still see the continuity of events and the number of tourist visitors in attendance, "he explained.
So far according to Syamsun, Disbudpar Riau are still trying to develop a second tour event because it is considered capable of bringing more tourists to the Riau. With automatic as well as local revenue will increase.
One effort currently in development, said Syamsun, working with small and medium enterprises (SMEs), so that they can berpartisiapasi in it.
"Runway track still makes people want to flock to the Taluk Kuantan to look closely. Matchmaking myth that supposedly makes the youth can find a mate in the location also makes the path crowded in there, "he added.
The same as in Bagansiapiapi Fuel Barge. Fuel Barge luck myth makes people abroad are willing to come, to see the fortunes of the falling mast.
'' So, through some of the local government infrastructure and facilities we provide to the tourists who want to see this annual event,'' he said.
Meanwhile, it is to plan the development of destination regions (DTW) to another, said Syamsun, still has a limited budget constraints. So still need to think deeply, in order to resolve the issue. Though tourism is no less interesting Riau with other regions in Indonesia.
"We have a lot of tourist destinations both marine and inland. However, we face the problem of access roads into the area. Limitations of transport and inadequate road worthiness. This is an obstacle DTW development, "he said.
Access road to the DTW problem, until now he has yet to be addressed in concrete terms. Because of issues related to nature, especially the structure of the soil is not too good. Even if it was built it took a very large fund, because the soil conditions in Riau is not as good as other areas.
"Although deposited continuously, the land will remain down because once the road comes from the swamp. We've discussed this with Public Works Department, but I have found no solution, "he explained.
All limitations and disabilities that made attractions in Riau as negligible. Although not entirely true, but look at the facts, most of the population would prefer berpelancong Riau Sumatra to West or North Sumatra is considered better.
It is only natural, seeing all the benefits and uniqueness of the attractions offered by both regions. Moreover, a lot of West Sumatra hang of this sector economic growth.
Constrained Regional AutonomyMeanwhile, related to the practice of regional autonomy (autonomy) in recent years, making the tourism development policy is also little changed. Because the burden of tourism development in the hands of local governments.
So according to Syamsul, this would indirectly burden the area did not have big budgets. Especially for tourism sector development takes a lot of fund. It's a challenge for the region.
If all this area is still hoping to get a rock from the Provincial Government, but since the era of regional autonomy began to trouble. Because the intake of funds from the provinces is limited, which makes the area should be more creative.
"Since regional autonomy, we can not regulate the development of regional tourism competencies. Provincial Tourism Department is now just do the sharing of funds needed for each district for tourism development, "said Syamsun.
Sharing funds the intention is to provide funds to complete supporting facilities that have not owned a tourist destination. As a place of worship, public toilets (bath, wash, toilet), gazebo and other supporting facilities.
"Sharing the funds that we spend as a means of DTW requires MCK or gazebo. If our budget is sufficient, then the province will build and once completed, the authority of the Department of Tourism will be returned to the county / city, "he added.
Syamsun said, it is also highly expected role of private investors to contribute to the development of tourism. Due to the limited government funds, in particular areas.
Privately he could play a role in building tourism supporting facilities such as hospitality, restaurants, resorts and other facilities. Besides needing the support of government and private, communities should also participate in efforts to promote regional tourism. Community were considered as one important element of tourism. Apart from the tourism actors, public as well as enhancing tourism itself.
"We're always working so that people can participate and become a business person to make a variety of small businesses, creative industries that could be sold to tourists who come to Riau," he said.
Forward with the collaboration of Riau province and regency / city, Riau tourism is expected to be more forward again and able to par with other regions.
Prepare a plan should MatangRelated to the tourism industry is still tertatihnya in Riau, Assistant Director of Third Daughter Hamida Engku Tourism Academy and College of Tourism Riau (APEPH / STIPAR) riaubisnis.com Ariono to emphasize the need for synergy various elements in Riau. Be it government, private and community.
It is said, to provide support and input of the potential gaps that could open the eyes of the world back to the development of eco-tourism in Riau. Minimal be parallel to the main areas of national tourism.
"If it is sorted through systematic work, the government only as a facilitator in this program. Actually, the private party worthy and capable of providing a breakthrough for tourism development, "explains Ariono.
Ariono also considered that the main issue of tourism in Riau are still struggling on inadequate infrastructure. It is also related to the demographic conditions Riau, as well as tourism object or target marketing.
He acknowledges, New York actually has a tourist attraction. Although a layman he gained added value is currently only partially. In fact, if exploited to its full potential, local governments can achieve maximum benefit from this sector.
"The government has formed a short-term program, medium and long term development of tourism in Riau. The main thing is the placement of a good image to potential investors will be available, "he said.
If you've got, he added, planned tourism map can be executed according to the futures program. In addition, improvement of infrastructure should be done as soon as possible. So the program can run a maximum pariwisa development.
Ariono also considered, in fact Riau tourism is on the track. This means that Riau has actually been ready to enter the eco-tourism industry. But the question was just how to package it becomes more attractive potential.
"When asked about his readiness to enter the tourism industry Riau, Riau think I'm ready. Just how we package what is in Riau has become a tourist parcels that can be enjoyed, "he added.
In addition, he aberharap, the government set up a human resource (HR) is qualified to manage the tourism Riau. Because if the tourism sector are not run by people who understand these issues, tourism Riau would walk in place.
"This can be done through formal education like STIPAR. Thus Riau tourism development will be better and more innovative with the involvement of professional people in it, "he said.
Meanwhile, Head of Riau Tourism Board (RTB) Fadlah Sulaiman said the Riau tourism is still in developmental stages. But have not been able to contribute in the form of income for the area.
Fadlah also agreed that tourism development is constrained Riau mamadai poor infrastructure conditions. This is a difficult area in developing its tourism attractions.
But he fixed rate, from year to year Riau tourism continues to increase. The indicators can be seen from the increasing number of tourists visit every year to Riau, both local and foreign tourists.
Based on data from RTB, said Fadlah, in 2009 the total tourists visiting Indonesia reached 229 million people, with a total income of Rp 128.77 trillion. As for the Riau only 2.3 million people with a total of Rp 1.29 trillion in foreign exchange.
With this condition Fadlah still believe, that tourism can develop a maximum of Riau. Course should be given serious attention. But he also stressed the need for the object of priority where the most potential to be developed first.
In addition special Riau, the field of tourism still has not varied. Most are still struggling in the habit of shopping and culinary tour. While other areas are still not so great.
Fadlah also see, Seven Charm must remain invested in tourism to the community. Such as feeling safe, orderly, clean, fresh air, beautiful, friendly and memories, is a product that must be instilled in every tourist visits the place.
RTB role in Riau tourism pegembangan thought big enough. So on many occasions, RTB always promote all tourist destinations. Either through local events, nationally and internationally. So as to increase tourist visits to the Riau.
For 2010, the RTB has set a calendar event is held yearly in different parts of Riau. Calendar is on display at each entrance Pekanbaru. Such as the Port River Duku, Sultan Sharif Kasim (SSK) and the Port Dumai II Pekanbaru.
Then in 2009 RTB only event in the calendar set 72 attractions in each county / city, then in 2010 RTB has designed a new calendar by setting the 321 event. Later can be enjoyed by the public to look at implementation time.
"In the calendar that we've created a database of every county / city with any event and time of implementation," he added.
In addition, said Fadlah, RTB also provides a list of hotels from every county / city and its price. This is done so that the tourists who visit are not frantically looking for a place of lodging in a tourist destination.
Happens later in the list, the hotel can no longer play the price. This is to avoid bad habits that raise the price of the hotel manager when there are moments or holiday season. Images such as this hotel will worsen Fadhlah said Riau tourism image.
"Every year we ask for a list price of the hotel and we've made in one program. Convenient as this will help tourists find the hotel and saw the charge, "said Fadlah.
Need Motor DriveMeanwhile, Chairman of the Indonesian Hotels and Restaurants Association (PHRI) Riau Indra B Gratitude argues, to the present breakdown of Riau tourism development in the absence of a driving force.
Indra also see that the concept of tourism industry development in Riau are still not in focus. Only glued to the development of any project. Tourism has not been touched by the effort to package well.
According to him, all related components, such as government, business and academia in the field of tourism should sit down together. Need to be formulated first how the actual concept of tourism development in Riau.
In addition, he also considered as representative of local government Disbudpar Riau Riau, have not been able to become the motor of the tourism industry in Riau. The tourism industry in Riau is often underestimated and the new limited project.
Indra Riau actually believe has great potential in eco-tourism sector. It's just not well packed and exciting. So many events that do not travel Riau attractive to tourists. As a result, rather than bring in money, but instead spend the money. "An example is the Fuel Barge event," he said.
For him, Fuel Barge tourism event which could be able to attract many foreign tourists. So it can sell and make money. But unfortunately the government has not lead to it. Because only limited spending budget.
While the Secretary of the Association of Tour and Travel Agency (ASITA) Ibn Mas'ud said Riau, Riau tourism concept should not just sell to tourists interesting sights. A lot can be processed from Riau tourism development potential. Them use the concept of tourism that are tailored to local conditions.
"For example Pekanbaru can be an area of ​​shopping or sightseeing treatment, because it has the potential and infrastructure adequate to the number of shopping malls and large hospitals," he explained.
Other areas too, he added, could develop into a tourist area. As Siak which could be due to historical and cultural history and is known to have deep-rooted culture of Malay. Bengkalis later became the beach resort, because it has beautiful beaches and exotic island of Rupat.
Ibn also see that the infrastructure problems are also often become barriers to tourism development of Riau. The reason, tourism in Riau not yet supported by adequate infrastructure. Tourism development so that Riau was so choked up.
"Rupat example, the access road to it is not adequate, but pariwsata Rupat be proclaimed as the pre-eminent in Riau. How people want to come to Rupat if the access road to get there just is not good, "he protested.
Must also be more vigorous promotion by the local government again. According to Ibn, in Riau many tourist attractions and events that can be sold to tourists. It's just not socialized to the optimum. So not too be heard by the tourists.
Despite having an important role in tourism development in Riau, Riau ASITA Ibn claim not so included in the Visit Riau 2010. ASITA are often invited, but the government still executing.
Yet according to Ibn 'should the government be involved in it professionally. While the government in this case is positioned as a controller only. Other than that all parties should also be synergy.
Increasing Travelers KujunganChairman of the Riau Tourism Board (RTB) Fadlah Sulaiman added, although cumulatively increasing the number of tourists in Riau during 2009, but for groups of foreign tourists has decreased. In 2008 recorded 37 194 foreign tourists to the Riau people, while for 2009 only 28 808 people.
By the numbers 2.3 million tourists, Fadlah said, that the number of tourists in Riau in 2009 increased compared to previous years. Data from the Ministry of Tourism said in 2008 the number of tourists in Riau only 1.2 million people with a total expenditure of Rp 1.07 trillion.
"That is, the increase would occur on a local tourist. Caused an increase in local tourists during 2009, New York held a number of activities of many national, even international. Such as the degree of Appropriate Technology (GTTG), National Conference and other Golkar Party, "he explained.
Added Fadlah, data is not based on the Riau tourists to visit attractions. Rather, the data traffic between provinces or kabupaten residents are still in Riau.
"If there are people outside who visited the Riau Riau for over 24 hours, whatever his business, then they go rating category. Including for example, people who visit Pekanbaru Bengkalis more than 24 hours, they were categorized as tourists, "he explained.
While the decline in foreign tourists, according to Fadlah is the impact of the earthquake disaster that hit West Sumatra. "So far, foreign tourists in Riau those who transit from Malaysia to Sumatra. Because experiencing an earthquake in West Sumatra, Malaysia tourists who go there go down. Automated visit to Riau is also down, "he concluded. (*)

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