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Lampung Tourism

Welcome to Lampung Province Tourism
Development of Culture and Tourism includes the economic development and socio-cultural aspects, and conducted in synergy with other sectors. Lampung province has set seven flagship tourism in an effort to realize Lampung as a tourist destination. Sights set seed are:

1) Tourism Regions and Land Mark Tower Bakauheni Siger,
2) Ecotourism Kalianda and surrounding area,
3) Pekalongan Agro Tourism Region, East Lampung,
4) Development of Ecotourism Park Forest Mount Betung,
5) Development of Ecotourism Way Kambas National Park,
6) Development of Ecotourism South Bukit Barisan National Park.

In addition there is also a leading tourist attractions scattered support in all regencies / cities, including 177 pieces of natural attractions and man-made attractions include cultural sights as many as 145 objects. Until 2006, the number of tourists visiting the Lampung domestic tourists reached 843 768 people, up 22.44% over 2005, while foreign tourists as many as 6893 people, up 27.08% compared to 2005.

coastal tourism

Want to tour the beach? Come to the lips of the Gulf Coast stretching from Lampung in South Lampung Kalianda to Bandar Lampung. A bay area with beautiful beaches and next to the Gulf of Watermelon in Tanggamus.

Way sulfur hot springs, beach reporter, Kalianda Resort, Laguna Helau, Belantung Peacock, White Sands, Cape Selaki, Sand Island, Marina Beach is a coastal tourist area in the Bay of Lampung in South Lampung region.

There Kalianda Beach Marina and Resort. Marina beach has beautiful scenery with rocks of various shapes. According to folklore, there is a rock called the Rock Hall is where Prince Cindar Earth to receive guests. This beach is located in District Sidomulyo 43 kilometers from Bandar Lampung or 22 kilometers from Kalianda. The facilities available here vary.

Kalianda tourist area resort is located 30 kilometers north Bakauheni, 20 kilometers north Kalianda, and 45 kilometers from Bandar Lampung. These areas provide facilities such as adventure tour to Krakatau and neighboring islands southern Lampung Bay, diving on the island of Sebuku, fishing, camping places, bungalows, jetsky, discotheque, cafeteria overlooking the beach, bicycle, and rowing boats

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