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Attractions: Beaches Duayu Sekundang (Tourism South Bengkulu)

Sekundang Duayu coast is often called a Down Market Coast attractions South Bengkulu Bengkulu regional managers located within the city Manna with the distance of approximately 3 km from the city center, around the coast there are also swimming pool, tennis court and the TPI (the auction fish).

This is a beach with waves has its own attraction for local and domestic tourists,

think if people have not been to the beach below the market has not reached the city of Manna City memories.

Attractions: Cave Suluman Kedurang (Wisata Bengkulu Selatan)

This attraction is shaped cave known as the Ulu Suluman Kedurang, located just upstream Kedurang, precisely in the village of Batu Ampar. This place will be in reach after going through half of our journey by public transport to the village of Palak dianjutkan Siring then walk to the village of Batu Ampar.

Many things can be viewed here. The scenery is beautiful, unique cave with walletnya nests, also fish - fish. Downstream when we find the fish, known by local residents mungkus fish chopped into small pieces, but in this place we will find the fish mungkus a lot bigger as well as a kind of fish is often called Pelus.

The shape is long and slippery as an eel, but with a much larger size. Really - really beautiful and fun place. Here we can camp and fish for fish in peace and then burn the bait fish while hospitable, joking and bonding in a very relaxed atmosphere.

Attractions: Muara beach Kedurang (Tourism South Bengkulu)

Attractions: beach Kedurang Estuary is one of the MainStay Attractions in the area of South Bengkulu.
It's right at the intersection of three lines of Manna town, cross-western point of Sumatra (Padang Jar direction) and the Kedurang.

This place is very crowded in the visit by the young people live in South Bengkulu WHO district, ESPECIALLY on Sundays and major holidays Such as Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha.

In the future these will be the MainStay Attractions Attractions of South Bengkulu district

Water Falls attractions Geluguran (Tourism South Bengkulu)

Water attractions Geluguran Falls is located in the village of Pino, manna ulu districts, approximately 45 minutes from the city where the two-wheelers and four-wheel drive. This place is usually visited by many young people and their parents are also in the holiday season.

The visitors, but can see the waterfall can also enjoy the natural scenery of the South Bukit Barisan National Park. "Cool weather will be 'stroked' the visitor attraction at the site.

Geluguran waterfall sights right on highway verges which connect the city to fence nature Besemah manna. Here visitors can take a shower where the water was not too deeply about +-2m depth.

Dam water attractions juice

Tourism South Bengkulu

Lime water attraction Dam is a dam is used as a tourist visit in South Bengkulu, dam that was built in 1986 was the target of local tourists and has a good tourism potential with good processing too of course.

The dam is located in South Bengkulu Seginim has its main function as irigator for the surrounding rice fields, rice field panorama therefore become the dominant view in this place.

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Meiam Honisuit Manna

Cannon "Honisuit" England is a relic of the occupation in the City of South Bengkulu Manna is only one type of cannons and the only one of the largest in Indonesia, the barrel length of 3.4 m, length. Kitchen gunpowder 2.5 m. 90cm diameter.

Manna was the first cannon was found around villages Rear napkin, Bengkulu Selatan.Sekarang huge cannon was placed in front of the monument roundabout Regent South Bengkulu Bengkulu province.

In 1942 the Japanese army cannon Honisuit brought to the City of Pagar Alam Manna through the village placed in the Rear of South Bengkulu Regency House For Pertahana Coast Japanese forces.

On the date 10 January 2008, the Meriam Honisuit agreement Antiquities Department and the local government of Jambi Province of South Bengkulu moved by "KODIM 0408/BS" to Padang Panjang Road Roundabout Manna Selataan Bengkulu.

Characteristics cannon Honisuit:
A. Name Cannons: Cannons Honisuit
2. Made In England
3. Relics: The Age of Japan
4. Caliber: 19:01 Cm
5. Overall weight: 2.2 tons
6. Number barrel: BLO-IN-VIROmusium bungkarno Bengkulu