Selasa, 20 November 2012

Berau River Water attractions

Berau River Water attractions located on the western banks of the causeway (Jalinbar) Bengkulu could potentially be the location of hunting fish.
Berau Air River is 30 km from the city of Mukomuko very suitable for white water rafting, because heavy water discharge and full of obstacles when being used as rafting.

In addition to the clear river water, in this place there are also many species of fish. Travelers can undertake fishing activities. In the upstream river water contained Berau waterfalls and untouched virgin forest communities, so that the wisaatwan can enjoy the natural coolness.

Beautiful natural charm and enchanting is believed to invite the tourists from outside the province of Bengkulu, especially now it is supported by the regular flights to Mukomuko district. Even in the city teak day ago Muko Muko boat rowing race held on the river.

Object type can later be used as the concept of development or construction of the Village Water Berau Air Berau if they see that there are cultures.
Other cultures can be served with sowing seeds with custom shades, as well as offering custom wedding event 'Children into the water bath daro "means a newborn child directly washed into the river.

Lake attraction has no grudge

Revenge Lake attractions not already, name this lake it feels weird, creepy and yet as intimate as large lakes, such as Lake Toba in North Sumatra, Lake Maninjau and Lake Batur in West Sumatra and Lampung Lake Ranau.But the charm of Lake Grudges Not Already (DDTS) in Bengkulu is no less beautiful and exotic.Indeed, there is currently a lot of tourists who know the lake is only about 6 km from the center of Bengkulu.
This lake also has a variety of unique flora, the Pencil orchid (vanda hookeriana), which is believed to only grow in the region. Another unique flora sun orchid, lily, palm, Pulai, Ambacang swamps, stretches, plawi, brosong, Gelam, ferns and sikeduduk. Panorama in the lake is also very beautiful. As far as the eye memadang, visitors will be spoiled landscape of Bukit Barisan blue and faintly visible in the distance. Around the lake is now a nature reserve because of a plasma nuftah for orchid pencil. Also found a variety of fauna such as long-tailed macaque, langur, finches, wild boar, python, gibbons, snails and various kinds of fish, including rare fish such as kebakung and palau.