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Waterfall waterfall attraction Dew

bjek waterfall waterfall Dew tour this Kabawetan appeal Tourism Dew Falls waterfall is a waterfall with a height of 100 meters and panoramic mountain with cool air. Dew waterfall waterfall is a natural attractions in the province of Bengkulu Regency exactly in Kepahiang, which offers coolness for tourists who visit.

Tourists who come to the site, but can enjoy the natural beauty will also be `carried away 'cool air.

There is a tourist attraction in the village Tread Kepahing Building Jl. Housing Kepahiang Beringin three. That location is about 60 Km from the airport Fatmawati and Bengkulu City can travel by public transport.

The route you should take after landing at the airport to the district Kepahiang Fatmawati ie within 60 km from the center of city of Bengkulu, Arriving at the city district Kepahiang, the journey continues to the village of the building footprint which is 10 km from the city Kepahiang.

Berau River Water attractions

Berau River Water attractions are located along the western causeway (Jalinbar) Bengkulu has the potential to be the location of fish hunting.
Berau river water is 30 Km from the city of Mukomuko is perfect for white water rafting, as torrential flow of water and full of obstacles when being used as whitewater rafting.

In addition to the clear river water, in this place there are also many species of fish. Travelers can make fishing activities. In the Berau river water contained in the waterfalls and virgin forests untouched by society, so that the wisaatwan can enjoy the natural coolness.

The charm of stunning natural beauty and is believed to invite tourists from outside the province of Bengkulu, especially now it is supported by a routine flight to the District Mukomuko. Even in the city of Muko Muko teak days ago held a paddle boat race on the river.

These attractions will be used as the concept of development or construction of the Village Water Water Berau Berau if they see that there are cultures.
Other cultures can be served by sowing seeds with custom shades, in addition to offering custom wedding event 'Kids in the water bath daro "means a newborn child is washed directly into the river.

Seblat Elephant Training Center

Seblat Elephant Conservation Center is one of five elephants in Indonesia training ground, after the Way Kambas Lampung Province, Lhoksemawe in Aceh Province, Sebangau in province of Riau, South Sumatra Province Sebokor and exist only on the island of Sumatra alone. One form of training program is tame wild elephants by providing agility exercises.

Some form of agility can be seen as a tourist attraction that can enrich the insight knowledge of endangered species of elephants are protected.

Location Seblat elephant training center is located in North Bengkulu district, about 132Km from the city of Bengkulu and can be reached by four wheel drive, can also be reached by road to the village of Simpang Like Water Muring Forward or village of Simpang New Town Like da Bani.

Attractions: Island Enggano

Enggano island is a group of islands located in Ocean Indonesia. Enggano consists of six islands, and Enggano is the largest island with a size of about 29Km x 18km and the whole area including the small islands around it is 443Km square.

The islands are a lot of natural potential to save enormous, such as natural resources of forests and forest conservation hunting tourism Nanu'ua mountain area of ​​10,000 ha, with various types of flora and fauna and is the target hunt wild boar, wild cattle and buffalo .

The beach is beautiful with a marine park contains a wide range of reef fish in the sea is beautiful and colorful.

Padang Tourism

Actually, in the West Sumatra city of Padang lot of potential - potential that tourism has not been recognized by the public as well as desert community itself, seen from the potential of existing natural and natural landscape is very fascinating for the writer himselfwas fascinated by the natural beauty of this city, one example of the author with yourfriends go to Lubuk kuranji shells in the area which is only 1 hour use of motor vehiclesand trekking plus 15 minutes, from the top of the hill here we see the sights of the cityfield, and after that we'll see a small waterfall with clear water directly to the shelterexactly like the depths of his or her shell, perhaps because this form of the name Lubukshell, following a successful author photo images illustrate:


Lombok Island tourism

 Tanjung Aan

Tanjung Aan beach is one of the attractions of Lombok is located in the center of Lombok. Is situated not far from Kuta Beach to tourists almost never miss to visit this beach during a visit to Kuta Beach. Generally, travelers looking for tranquility when visiting this beach because it is far from the bustle of the city.

This beach has a privilege not shared by the other shore, ie coarse sand beaches shaped like grains of pepper. From the beach, you can enjoy views of white sand, crashing waves ripple, rows of palm trees, hills and cliffs around it.

Diplomat Suprianda H. Ruru North Sulawesi Tourism Handle

Taman Nasional Pulau Bunaken - Tempat Wisata di Manado Yang Indah (Foto: Ist)

North Sulawesi has the potential of culture and tourism in the many areas in Indonesia. Therefore, this province is one of the favorite tourist destinations for foreign tourists as well as a place to hold MICE in Indonesia. To enhance the promotion of tourism in North Sulawesu this, a diplomat named Suprianda Hamonangan Ruru was sworn in as Head of Culture and Tourism of North Sulawesi province on Wednesday (16/5). Suprianda H. Harvey Ruru Sendoh replace a new job as Secretary of the occupied city of Manado
When inducted Suprianda H. Ruru stressed that the revitalization of tourism which is one of the North Sulawesi provincial government's strategic program will be realized through the joint efforts of all stake holders.