Rabu, 30 Mei 2012

Attractions: Sako Coa Bunker (Tourism Central Bengkulu)

Travel bjek Coa Bunker Sako is a heritage shaped a bunker or an underground shelter that was built in the Japanese colonial era in Bengkulu, building bunkers totaling 3 room office unrelated to one another.
Heritage objects which are privately owned berkepemilikan status on behalf of this ajisul penanjung kab located in Taba. Middle Bengkulu Bengkulu Indonesia.

Natural attractions and Kandis Hill Humpback Mountain (Tourism Central Bengkulu)

Natural attractions and Kandis Hill Humpback Mountain Forest Preserve is part of Central Bengkulu district, Travelers offered recreational travelers Bebas.Banyak Nature utilizes two points of second place is a good place outdoor activities hiking, mountainiring, roaming outdoors, camping and hill climbing .

Holy River beach attractions (Tourism Central Bengkulu)

Holy River beach attraction is one of the attractions is a mainstay of Central Bengkulu, Bengkulu province are many local and foreign tourists visited the area, the beach is also one of the locations to find agate (stone ring), because pretty much scattered throughout beach.

Attractions are located in the Village Market carts, District of Palm Cottage, Central Bengkulu district, or located on the border between the North Bengkulu Bengkulu City.