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Typical home island of Bali

Typical home island of Bali

Rumah Khas Pulau Dewata Bali
DEVELOPER home real estate Villa Panbil Mukakuning, PT Nusatama Properta Panbil deliver a superior product properties, one of Bali Bali House or house type. 'As the name implies Bali House, the design of this dwelling was Drafted in accordance with traditional Balinese house, "said Deputy Director of Marketing & GA PT Nusatama Properta Panbil, Yaodeanto Handjaya, recently.
Bali's unique concept of a typical call Deanto, greeting familiar, not only from the shape of the building. Furniture and Ornaments That Such as statues decorate the front and rear gardens typical of the island of the Gods. "Occupancy is very luxurious, exclusive and unique. Certainly it will really make-residents are in Bali," he claims.
Among the houses and exclusive luxury Bali House is the type of Ubud. A two-story house has a building area of ​​520 square meters and a land area of ​​1.000 meters to 1.300 square feet. Special type of each unit is provided a private pool. Ubud bedroom house type is very broad, as well as living room, dining room and family room. Kitchen and bedroom for the maid is also luxurious and classy. 'As with other types Panbil Villa, Bali House is also integrated with nature,' said Deanto.

In Addition to the house type Ubud, Bali House Villa Panbil also offers a type of Kuta, two-story house with an area of ​​191 square meters and a land area of ​​270 square meters (standard). Sanur type with an area of ​​266 square meters and a land area of ​​700 to 1.000 square feet, is a one-story house is very spacious. And type of packages, the occupancy of two floors with an area of ​​800 to 1100 square meters and building area of ​​411 square meters.
To have a house of this type are still Deanto Bali, Villa Panbil developers offer two Airways to pay, the stages of hard cash and installments directly to the developer. 'Clearer information please contact our marketing executives on 0778 5122217, 0778 7290616, 0778 7287932,' imbaunya. Besides enjoying the Bali house type nan unique and comfortable, occupants will be pampered in a variety of facilities. There are houses on stilts with views of green forests and fishing pond (fishing pond fish).
The facilities available there are complete, Including the toilet. House made of wood, quite spacious and can accommodate more than 50 people for Lesbian. So That really would make a great picnic spot. Neither family, nor with co-workers.
While the pond was filled with fish, so while you relax, residents can fish. While enjoying the natural atmosphere, residents also can take a boat around the pond. There is also a club house with swimming pool, gym to gym and cafe. There are also Sunrise Bistro & Cafe, residents along with family and friends can menyicipi food and traditional western Indonesia.

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