Minggu, 03 Juni 2012

Seblat Elephant Training Center ( Travel North Bengkulu)

Seblat Elephant Conservation Center is one of five elephants in Indonesia training ground, after the Way Kambas Lampung Province, Lhoksemawe in Aceh Province, Sebangau in province of Riau, South Sumatra Province Sebokor and exist only on the island of Sumatra alone. One form of training program is tame wild elephants by providing agility exercises.

Some form of agility can be seen as a tourist attraction that can enrich the insight knowledge of endangered species of elephants are protected.

Location Seblat elephant training center is located in North Bengkulu district, about 132Km from the city of Bengkulu and can be reached by four wheel drive, can also be reached by road to the village of Simpang Air Muring Like Simpang Forward or village

Attractions: Island Enggano ( Travel North Bengkulu)

Enggano island is a group of islands located in Ocean Indonesia. Enggano consists of six islands, and Enggano is the largest island with a size of about 29Km x 18km and the whole area including the small islands around it is 443Km square.

The islands are a lot of natural potential to save enormous, such as natural resources of forests and forest conservation hunting tourism Nanu'ua mountain area of ​​10,000 ha, with various types of flora and fauna and is the target hunt wild boar, wild cattle and buffalo .

The beach is beautiful with a garden containing a wide variety of marine fish with a beautiful coral and colorful sea-warni.pariwisata in Bengkulu