Senin, 21 Mei 2012

Bingin beach

Beaches in Bali is very famous for its beauty and also a lot that can be used as a location for surfing. For foreign tourists who prefer the things that are challenging, going to the beach seemed less satisfied if not done olaharaga extreme water like diving, surfing, banana boat rides and more. So they prefer to go to the beach which provides a variety of equipment to perform any or all of these water sports.
Bingin beach is a new beach is widely known to tourists. Why? Probably due to the access road required to reach this beach is quite difficult, steep and winding. However, because the beauty and the beautiful coral stone, finally gradually even this much to talk about the beach and be free promotion for tourists to visit. So that the implications of more and more local and foreign tourists who are interested in coming to this Bingin Coast.

Air Panas Banyuwedang(Banyuwedang Hot Spring)

District / City: BulelengBanyuwedang Hot Water sourced from the hot springs which emerge at the beach. This hot water is under water at high tide. Is the largest hot springs, buildings made of concrete security in the form of a circle that serves as a dike, so that when the tide is not the hot water mixes with sea water. This hot water containing sulfur with an average temperature of 40 degrees centigrade.Due to the relatively high sulfur content, hot water is believed to be widespread even get to the island of Java, because hot water can cure several diseases especially skin diseases. No wonder that many people who came here with hopes the disease can be cured. Coast where there are hot springs are covered with mangroves that prevent coastal erosion. It could be argued Bayuwedang beach is free from abrasion.The existence of the bay and some white sand around it add tourism asset around this Bishopscourt. Banyuwedang Hot Water District is located in the Village Pejarakan Gerokgak 60 km from the city of Singaraja, lane boundary area of ​​the West Bali National Park. To the south of the highway to Hot Water Banyuwedang including National Parks, while in the north is the area of ​​Batu Ampar consisting of calcareous soil. Batu Ampar this region by region Buleleng level II has been planned as a new tourist area, given the potential for greater appeal, such as the Marine Park around Pulau Menjangan.The road to the hot water from the highway department Banyuwedang-Gilimanuk Singaraja has hardened, as well as parking facilities have been constructed. In the hot springs which ditanggul built a building with several closed bathroom. In Hot Water Bishopscourt area there are also some toilet facilities constructed by the West Bali National Park, and some shelter. High number of tourists visiting the archipelago compared to foreign nationals. Visitors who come mostly for the purpose of treatment. Visitors who came mostly from the island of Java from Banyuwangi Region.Truly a hot spring located in the middle Banyuwedang mangroves on the beach. The surrounding area is relatively barren soil because the soil consists of limestone and the absence of a river that makes the source of water for the surrounding greenery. Therefore a lot of growing plants are plants that do not require much water, as it is known in Bali as a tree "bekeul" or "bangyang". Presence of sulfur containing hot water that is located on the beach supported by sparsely populated areas so as to create an atmosphere calm, causing the Regional Government of the Province of Bali will develop this area as a Tourism Zone for Health, or commonly called "Health Tourism".
Hot Water Penatahan (Penatahan Spring Water)District / City: TabananHot water is located in the village district Penatahan Penebel + 13 km from Tabanan town 34 km north of Denpasar with beautiful scenery and dikanan left field against the backdrop of the staircase steps. Hot springs are located on the banks of the river Yeh Ho and hot water Penatahan recognized by people in the name of Yeh Panes. Based on the results of research from the Ministry of Health laboratory, hot water is excellent for bathing because it contains sulfur and other minerals that are very good for curing skin diseases.
Yellow Falls Hamlet (Hamlet Yellow Waterfall)District / City: BangliIn the south about 6 miles from the city of Bangli, Bali Village Park there is a waterfall. Because of its location in the village of Yellow Hamlet Hamlet is a waterfall called Yellow.This waterfall is located at an altitude of 25 meters above the river that flows soar to the south. This location can be achieved with diverse types of transportation and small villages can be reached by foot as far as 500 meters. Cold regions with cool air combined with the green foliage enhance the charm of a natural waterfall. And not far from this place there is a forest inhabited by hundreds of monkeys.
Singsing Waterfall (Waterfall Singsing)District / City: BulelengIn the summer time, the relative volume waterfall decline. The road to a little waterfall hike is fun for the "trekking". Is situated not far from Lovina area, even within walking distance of Lovina, making this object visited by many tourists who are generally those living in the area of ​​Lovina week. Not far from this Singsing waterfall, there is a monument to the Netherlands. This monument was built by the Dutch to commemorate the death of a Dutch army officer in the war Banjar in 1868. Around the year 1956 the monument was destroyed because they respect the occupiers. However, in 1992 the monument was rebuilt by the Local Government Buleleng Dati II in order that history can not be deleted, in addition to the monument that symbolizes the heroic people of Banjar are also capable of killing the Dutch army officer. Singsing Waterfall is located in Banjar village of Labuan Haji Temukus Banjar district, 3 km from Lovina and 13 km from Singaraja. To reach these attractions can be reached by motor vehicle up to the majors Tigawarsa village. A direction sign indicates the path to be followed by foot (approximately 600 meters long) to get to the first waterfall. To reach the second waterfall that is located higher to go through a steep path.Parking facilities built and operated by local train, and stalls around the area of ​​the program has available. Both domestic and foreign tourists visiting the many waterfalls of this because the atmosphere is calm, peaceful and suitable for physical fitness. Locations Waterfall in the hills, which provide views of the beach stretch of Lovina in the north, the main attraction is quite attractive for tourists.
Kedaton Alas (Alas Kedaton Mongkey Forest)District / City: TabananAlas Kedaton Strong District is located in the village of Marga + 4 km from the city of Tabanan. This temple has two very interesting uniqueness. The first has four entrances to the temple is from the west which is the other main entrance of the North, East and South from which all headed to the central courtyard. The uniqueness of the second is the page which is the holiest place it is located lower than the central courtyard and beyond. This shrine is surrounded by a forest inhabited by a group of monkeys are considered sacred. In addition there are a bunch of bats that live suspended in the branches of large trees and flying at any time, is a very interesting attraction for tourists both domestic and foreign tourists.Piodalan ceremony in this temple is falling on a Tuesday (Anggara Love) for modern-day after Galungan. Which meant the ceremony begins at noon and should be completed before sunset. This temple is often called Pura Pura Dalem Alas Kedaton or heaven.
Bali Art Centre (Culture Park)District / City: London