Selasa, 20 November 2012

Lake attraction has no grudge

Revenge Lake attractions not already, name this lake it feels weird, creepy and yet as intimate as large lakes, such as Lake Toba in North Sumatra, Lake Maninjau and Lake Batur in West Sumatra and Lampung Lake Ranau.But the charm of Lake Grudges Not Already (DDTS) in Bengkulu is no less beautiful and exotic.Indeed, there is currently a lot of tourists who know the lake is only about 6 km from the center of Bengkulu.
This lake also has a variety of unique flora, the Pencil orchid (vanda hookeriana), which is believed to only grow in the region. Another unique flora sun orchid, lily, palm, Pulai, Ambacang swamps, stretches, plawi, brosong, Gelam, ferns and sikeduduk. Panorama in the lake is also very beautiful. As far as the eye memadang, visitors will be spoiled landscape of Bukit Barisan blue and faintly visible in the distance. Around the lake is now a nature reserve because of a plasma nuftah for orchid pencil. Also found a variety of fauna such as long-tailed macaque, langur, finches, wild boar, python, gibbons, snails and various kinds of fish, including rare fish such as kebakung and palau.

The height of the ocean surface area of ​​approximately 15 meters. Landforms of the rocks that make up the region comprised of rock neogin (Pliosin and myosin). In the lake, visitors can see the natural scenery of the lake surface in the form of visible redness overwritten before the sun went keperaduannya. Places sunrise with morning air cleaner and a red tinge on the surface of the lake in the evening is ideal when captured from the camera lens. Beauty of the lake and the vast nature reserve is a potential for special interest tourists to conduct education and research. At this location, visitors can also use the boating and raft across the lake, and fishing. Some residents around the lake provide the lodges offer a variety of foods such as roasted corn and coconut. Some typical foods such as abdominal pigeon Bengkulu, lempuk and cake tat also can be purchased around the site.

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