Senin, 28 Mei 2012

Attractions: Cave Suluman Kedurang (Wisata Bengkulu Selatan)

This attraction is shaped cave known as the Ulu Suluman Kedurang, located just upstream Kedurang, precisely in the village of Batu Ampar. This place will be in reach after going through half of our journey by public transport to the village of Palak dianjutkan Siring then walk to the village of Batu Ampar.

Many things can be viewed here. The scenery is beautiful, unique cave with walletnya nests, also fish - fish. Downstream when we find the fish, known by local residents mungkus fish chopped into small pieces, but in this place we will find the fish mungkus a lot bigger as well as a kind of fish is often called Pelus.

The shape is long and slippery as an eel, but with a much larger size. Really - really beautiful and fun place. Here we can camp and fish for fish in peace and then burn the bait fish while hospitable, joking and bonding in a very relaxed atmosphere.

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