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Riau tourism, ASITA MICE Offer

Pariwisata Riau, ASITA Tawarkan MICE

Some time ago Mr. As the middle of writing about MICE City Pekanbaru, Riau Tourism admit I did not have a strategic concept for achieving the target visits each year. Ibn Masud, Chairman of the Association of The Indonesia Tours & Travel Agencies (Asita) once said Riau Riau Tourism development will thrive in the year 2010, but with a maximum effort such as the application of the concept of Meeting, Incentive, Convention and Exhibition (MICE) were considered as The main support to improve tourism industry Riau Province.

MICE I think is the right concept for the city of Pekanbaru Riau and conditions as the capital of this province. Because of the Sorcerer is often held national and international events. business actors often make a big convention or large gatherings in Pekanbaru.

MICE for the application of Riau Pekanbaru and also supported by tourist facilities like star hotels that can be MICE tourism media. Thus, the steps that need to diseinergikan again is the cooperation with various related parties. As business people and local governments and businesses which terkit with Riau week.

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