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List of Attractions Kuansing


List of Attractions KuansingSpur line is a canoe trail >> length (Long Boat Race) M 25-40, begin the process of making this point of deliberation and consensus community to find wood to the forest. Timber shall meet the requirements of either of the wood, the length of wood, old wood, and even judged of manliness wood itself is located around the forest. After logging carried out, semi-finished wood is formed and subsequently transported kedesa and continued after the village and when he got ready to dilayur (smoked).

In the process of curing lines had, people who have a celebration of traditional foods served Singingi Kuantan and interspersed with the traditional arts activities. Spur line is that the People's Cultural feast held on August 21 to 24 year eraser. Feast of folk culture has become a national event and attended by a District-City Riau Province, neighboring provinces and even neighboring countries, followed by Malaysia, Brunei and Singafore. Enthusiastic visitors to witness the very high Runway Strip, especially if there is an underdog. Besides a very unique cultural values, both entuk point, how memacukan have meaning and should be backed up stamina. More stories about the Gaza Pacu Pacu can be found in the Gaza Kuantan Singingi
+ boat baganduangPerahu BaganduangMarket Ditepian Lubuk Edinburgh Boat races held processions Manjopuik Baganduang and Lemons, the event is held the first week after the feast of Eid al-Fitr (the 8th of Shawwal). Manjopuik Lemons is a procession after the events held to a field Batobo activity between young men and women who put affection diperantara the third person, called Titian figure. More about the story you can read this post Baganduang Boat
Waterfalls thunder GemuraiThunder Falls attractions Gemurai within 23 KM from the center of the Gulf of Kuantan. Beautiful waterfalls are realistic, comfortable and quiet for visitors. Thunder Gemurai name derives from the local area, which means thunder roar (the sound of the waterfall is), while the water splashes Gemurai is scattered. So waterfalls waterfalls thunder Gemurai means that the sound sparks (drink) rumble. You are in the Capital District Singingi the Gulf Kuantan Kuantan by bus to the grindstone Jao going through the City of West Sumatra Lubuk Edinburgh, the Capital District Mudik Kuantan, Kuantan District Singingi, but before the 3 Km before Lubuk Jambi (19 Km) from the Gulf of Kuantan, you can enjoy the beauty of the Lake "Gardens Nopi" second to none in Kuantan Singingi. You are in the Capital District Lubuk Jambi Regency Kuantan Kuantan Mudik still Singingi, 3 km towards whetting Jao ​​Sumatra, you start to climb the occasional trip through the twisting road to the famous scenery of the Bukit Barisan parts, you came in the midst of climbing the is hilly and village heads, there's where waterfalls thunder Gemurai, precisely in the village Kasang. More stories and pictures you can see this post Gemurai Niagara Thunder

The Seven WaterfallsAttraction, the waterfall next to the level of the first level we like to see the falling crystals. Seven-level waterfall is located in a natural forest untouched by human hands. To reach this attraction we traveled 35 KM from the center of the Gulf of Kuantan and proceed from Lubuk Ambacang Traditional Market, Hulu Kuantan district. From here we proceed by using pompong or a speed boat for fifteen minutes. Lita along the river were entertained with singing birds and animal sounds (agile) is hung in the forest along the river kuantan.
Natural Hot SpringsThen the other is the potential Natural Hot Springs located in Pinang River, District of Upper Kuantan. It is said that hot water containing sulfur is able to treat skin diseases and penykit laainnya. According to locals it will be more hot water and heat on Tuesday and Saturday. Natural Attractions: hot water is within 33 km of the Gulf of Kuantan. Kuantan direction of the Gulf of whetting Jao ​​ie 500 M before arriving in the city of Jambi Lubuk, you will find an intersection to the right and continue traveling 11 Km will get to a place of his ancestors supposedly since been visited by a gang in the community and Singingi outside Kuantan for treatment of skin diseases, rheumatism and others. That's 'Natural Hot Water' is out of the bowels of the earth upon grace of God Almighty. From the crossroads you through some of the island village of Binjai, Pabaun, Siak, and came to the location in question.

Niagara Starch SoniStarch waterfall attraction is located in the village of Soni Cengar, District Mudik Kuantan. To get to these attractions we menemuh distance 34 Km from the center of the Gulf of Kuantan.
Base IndarungFish catch in the village of Ban Indarung Base, District Singingi. Is a local tradition. Usually conducted in December every year. Village with local government makes a regulation for its citizens, that those who catch fish out of season then they are in violation will be subject to hukumn or sanctions.
Koto lake Kari MosqueThe natural beauty of Lake Koto Kari Mosque is stunning, especially when visited as the sun about to sink. The distance from the center of the bay kuantan three kilometers and crossed the main road to the west Sumatra. From the Gulf of Kuantan can be reached by bus heading west toward the road Lubuk Jambi whetting Jao, with only a few minutes we arrived at the intersection, turn left the road to 'Lake Mosque' as far as 300 AD from the highway intersection. There you can enjoy the beautiful lake with a canoe paddle mosque and other facilities.

Rawang ShrimpShrimp Rawang lake located in the village Talontam Benai, District Benai. Attraction is within 13 KM from the city center kuantan bay. Shrimp attractions Lake mire is managed private parties who have been equipped with various facilities such as railway oars. Restaurant, oven stage, Mosque, wc, and other asilitas. You want to see pictures please click this
LogasLogas is located between the Gulf of Pekanbaru and Kuantan, about 40 km from the Gulf of Kuantan to Pekanbaru. there is a place called Logas. Most of the people here work as gold miners. Logas name is not only known as a gold mine, but also famous for forced labor during the Japanese colonial period. Logas filled with stone stone plains that stores its gold potential. Among the rocks, the river flows Singingi trunk with clear water that provide additional value for beautiful scenery.
Koto village tourism sentajoKoto Sentajo Tourism Village is located 5 km from the Gulf of Kuantan Kuantan Singingi Capital District, to achieve it can use the bus heading east toward the capital of Indragiri Hulu Rengat as far as 5 km arrived in the village of Koto Sentajo defined as the 'Village Tourism'. In this village we can see relics of historical or ancestral customs of the traditional house with original buildings with a particular motif. People in the village is still thick with the accepted customs of the ancestors of his ancestors. Although society has much to leave old habits, but there are certain things that do not want left behind in everyday life. Behind this there is still a tourist village of the original forest, which is still prohibited to damage, and has been designated as protected forest area of ​​5000 Ha.
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