Jumat, 25 Mei 2012

White Sand Beach, South Lampung


Location This beach resort is located near the power plant EVAL, before the city of Bandar Lampung left side of the road if Kalianda. Marker location is not legible enough, but watch it if there are two human-sized statue of a clown.
The beach is quite clean, not too much dirt from plastic waste, or marine plants. Unlike previously obtained from references through the Internet, pengungjung beach too crowded. Ntah it because it was empty or it has not become a favorite location again.
Facilities available at the site are satisfactory, there are several food stalls, bathrooms, and ample shelter. Unfortunately the condition of the facility - the facility is not so well maintained. For who want to enlarge your arm muscles are canoes can be rented for a while to feel the sensation of ocean waves in the middle of tourist boats available for rent. Charge per person of about Rp. 20,000 for the return trip to the island and see the Leaning marine park. If you want to surround the island of Lean, added another Rp. 5000. If you still want to bid please, the charge was not authorized and no receipt of any kind.13053883041487958834

And passenger tour boat without life jacket :) (photo by: M Zaki Muhaimin)
One boat can be loaded by about 6 to 8 passengers, not including the crew of the boat as much as 2 people. Want more? Please, but you should consider safety because there are no buoys are available and no insurance.
It did not take long to reach the island of Lean, only about 10 minutes. Waves are not too large. Seen several offshore platforms and ships in the distance seen some stuff that is being docked in the harbor not far from the EVAL.1305388609763534850
View from the island of Lean in the direction of the White Sand Beach
Leaning on the coast of the island is pretty good. Trees around the beach is also quite thick so it is comfortable enough to take shelter. Waves were calm and comfortable enough to use the water to swim.13053888431333748088
Souvenir kiosks unused
Facilities for visitors are very minimal, in fact nothing could be said. Gift shop in the island had not been used. Existing buildings are also in the untreated condition, and some have been destroyed living skeleton. Two corpses were piled on the shore speedboat. Probably sank during a storm and can not be reused, even one of the ships still leaves the two machines in it.1305389214896019682
Former building
Shipwrecks on the coast of the island of Lean
Slightly to the west, there is a tunnel that leads to other parts of the island. Apparently the scene was very good. The beach is not too broad and essentially rocky, but conditions are very clean and has not been affected by vandalism.13053899001896744748
Another scene from the coast of the island of Lean
Soon we were on the island due west of Lean looks dark clouds and rain in the distance. The journey continues to look at the marine park. The instrument used is quite simple, just a box measuring about 30 x 60 inches with a glass base. Although the ocean floor looks clear enough, but the reflection of light on the glass makes it difficult to take pictures. To be more puuuasssss, maybe you should bring a tool for snorkeling or take cover special camera for shooting in the water.1305390190405706053
One side of the island marine park Lean
Because it was getting late, we decided to go back to the beach. Previously we took time to get around the island by sea Condong. Apparently the waves on the east and south is quite large, coupled with the presence of reefs around the island, was completed at the heart of a sports event that afternoon. But all was rewarded with a quite beautiful scenery and "entertainment" of the sea eagles flying around the coastal reefs.

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