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Tourism places palembang

This time I wanted to write and share about the place of tourism in Palembang in Indonesia State, the following article about the place or description of tourism in Palembang, Hopefully Helpful for those of you who want to go to the city of Palembang.Kilkenny Tourism places | Tourism Sites List - Previously, I had to post about A Brief History of Palembang city where the history of the start of Palembang, this time I will be posting about Kilkenny Tourism Sites
There are many attractions in Palembang city, the famous one in the city of Palembang and famous throughout Indonesia, and also on the international scene
Ie Musi River Bridge or the famous Ampera Bridge, Bridge which distinguishes Ulu and Ilir, it's one of the existing tourist in Palembang
In addition to the Ampera Bridge Place the other two Kilkenny Tourism

A. Great Mosque of Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II, which is near the Ampera Bridge2. Fountain near the Grand Mosque,3. Fort Religious Tourism (BKB)4. Kambang Iwak (KI) Family Park5. Timber Tourism Punti6. Island Kemaro7. Jakabaring Sport City8. Songket Craft Centre
Tourism Museum
In addition to Tourism Places Palembang, Palembang city also has museums about the history of the city of Palembang, Here's Name In the city of Palembang MuseumA. Archaeological park Srivijaya kingdom, a kingdom of Srivijaya heritage site located on the banks of the River Musi. There is an inscription on the stone relics of the kingdom in this area.2. Taman Bukit Siguntang Antiquities, located in the hills west of Palembang. In this place there are many relics and tombs of the ancient kingdom of Srivijaya.3. People's Struggle Monument, located in the center of town, adjacent to the Great Mosque and the Ampera Bridge. True to its name in the building there are objects of heritage in the colonial period.4.Museum Balaputradewa, a museum that holds many objects - relics of Sriwijaya.5. Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Museum, located near the Ampera Bridge and the Castle and the former Religious Tourism is one of the Sultan of Palembang Darussalam heritage. In which there are many objects - objects historic city of Palembang.6. Textile Museum, located on Jl. Independent museum keeps objects - objects in textiles from around the region of South Sumatra Province.7. Crater Tengkurep

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